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Customs Clearance License Requirements

The candidate to this license shall meet the following requirements:
1. 21 years old citizen of any of the GCC member states.
2. Obtaining a high school certificate or the equivalent.
3. Receiving a course on customs business at the Chamber of Commerce.
4. Obtaining a computer data entry certificate from a governmental or private training institute.
5. Obtaining a certificate of elementary knowledge of English Language from a governmental or private training institute.
6. The candidate shall not be a government employee.
7. The candidate shall not be an employee at any agency involved in customs clearance business.
8. The candidate shall not practice import and export business.
9. The candidate shall present a certificate of no previous convictions (clean slate).
10. The candidate shall pass the exam in customs tariff, principles of accounting,  Basic English, and Common Customs Law of the GCC States and its implementation rule.
11. Presenting unconditional bank guarantee amounted to SR100,000 in the name of the Director General, Saudi Customs valid for three years and six months (to be submitted after passing the exam).
12. Attach 4 colored pictures 3x4cm + a small hanging file + a copy of the ID card.

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